LEAD-MOTION is a high-tech innovative company specialized in Motion & Drive solutions, committed to becoming a global leader in the technology and market of high-performance servo drives, focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of fully functional and universal servo systems. Its products and services are positioned in mid to high end application scenarios, targeting various high-tech industries with extremely high requirements for accuracy, speed, consistency, and reliability. At present, European architecture Pioneer, Japanese architecture Marine, and micro architecture Legeo series products have been launched, with a power range of 0.1-75kW and support voltage levels of 12-380V. They are widely used in fields such as Robot, Lithium , Photovoltaics, Lasers, 3C/Semiconductors, Aerospace, Medical, Packaging, Printing, Textile, and Intelligent warehousing and Logistics.

LEAD-MOTION take the spirit of “Drive the future precisely”and the concept of “Create the core competitive force for customers continuously” as our business philosophy, based on advanced control technology and comprehensive industry know-how, with accumulated rich industry process experience and continuous technological innovation, we tailor servo products that are highly cost-effective and more suitable for application characteristics for the global market.

He core members of the company are all from top servo enterprises in the industry, and have established research and development management, operation management, and quality management systems that comply with international standards. They have nearly 50 research and development patents, and their products have passed international certifications such as IEC61800 and CE. They have also established long-term and stable partnerships with more than 500 equipment manufacturers.

All employees of the company are motivated by their surging passion and strong desire to realize their self-worth, and driven by the great dream of pursuing the "Chinese Dream of Intelligent Industry". They strive to forge ahead, forge ahead, persist in innovation, and unwaveringly provide high-quality motion control solutions for China's equipment manufacturing industry, thereby greatly improving the automation and intelligence level of China's equipment and helping China's manufacturing industry connect with the world!

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